Due to the installation process being somewhat complex I recommend installing from the Installation page. Also, if you want to link to this site please don't link to this page. Below are links for all of the files except the dictionaries which are available at the http://dictionaries.mozdev.org/ site's Installation page or the Mozilla Foundation's Dictionaries for Mozilla Thunderbird page. To save the files locally right click on the link and select "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Save Link Target As" in the Mozilla Suite. I do not support installation problems when trying to install from any location other than the Installation page though these packages have all been tested and will install successfully as long as your system is already working properly. You can install the extension, libaries, and dictionaries after downloading them by dragging them onto the browser or the extension manager window in Firefox after you have downloaded them to your system.
  1. SpellBound extension
  2. Select the appropriate Mozilla spell check libraries for your Firefox build. All of the libraries are from the Thunderbird distributions available from http://www.mozilla.org/ except for the Linux AMD 64 libraries which are from the SuSE distribution and the FreeBSD libraries which are from the FreeBSD Project. The libraries below come with the Mozilla Suite and should only be needed for Firefox.

    Mozilla spell check libraries for Firefox 1.0.x

    Mozilla spell check libraries for Firefox 1.0+ (e.g. trunk / nightly builds after the Deer Park Alpha Release)

    Mozilla spell check libraries for the Deer Park Alpha 2 Release

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