There is only one person supporting SpellBound and I am providing this service in my spare time and with no compensation... all I ask is that you try to find the answer yourself by reading the documentation first.
  • It is extremely rare that I receive what would be considered reasonable questions from people using the contact form so I am removing it indefinitely. The anonymity of the Internet is such that entirely too many people do not have a problem with wasting other people's time or behaving rudely. I frequent the MozillaZine Forums and recommend asking your question there or another forum that provides support for extensions. Also, the following is still applicable.
  • If you are submitting a bug report, feature request, or have a question please review the Bug Reports, Known Issues, Feature Requests, and FAQ sections first and follow the steps in the Bug Reports section before reporting problems with SpellBound. The primary reason that there hasn't been an update to SpellBound has been due to the number of requests I have received where people have not done so which has taken development time away from SpellBound.
  • If you have recently installed again, re-installed, upgraded, or what ever word you prefer to use to describe installing Firefox again after you already had Firefox installed and SpellBound working you will need to re-install the spell checking libraries and dictionaries. Also, be sure you have a dictionary selected when you perform the spell check as it states in the FAQ under When I perform a spell check no misspelled words are found even though there are misspelled words... what should I do?
    This applies to everyone that has upgraded or re-installed including upgrading to or re-installing any version of Firefox, etc. and please note that SpellBound does work with the Firefox 1.0.6 release.
  • Questions and requests regarding dictionaries should be submitted according to the Dictionaries section in the FAQ and once again, I do not host or maintain the dictionaries.
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