If there is a bug in SpellBound please let me know through the Contact form especially since I may miss it if you post it in the MozillaZine Forums or an equivalent place. If the bug also exists in the Mozilla Suite Composer / Mail or Thunderbird it will be fixed after the code has been fixed in the either of those by utilizing the same code. I would still like to know about it so please don't hesitate to report it anyway. In case you are wondering where the feature requests are located they are listed separately on the Feature Requests page which is different than the way it is done in Bugzilla. I have tried to use the same terminology elsewhere when it is convenient to do so. Before reporting any bug I would appreciate it if you first check to see if the bug exists with only SpellBound installed. This can be accomplished by Profile Manager, installing only SpellBound, and then checking to see if SpellBound works. Please report your findings along with your operating system, Firefox or Mozilla Suite version, and a list of the extensions you have installed by using the Contact form. The InfoLister extension is excellent at providing this information with Firefox.

A couple of additional notes regarding bugs...

Every bug report so far on Linux regarding SpellBound not working has been due to a permissions issue. The files for SpellBound have been packaged after performing a chmod 755 to libmyspell.so and libspellchecker.so and chmod 644 to all of the remaining files to get around Bug ID 189905. A couple of the issues that can occur when permissions are not correctly set were seen with the Firefox 0.10.1 Critical Update on October 2, 2004 (see Bug ID 262558 and Bug ID 262604 for more details). The install page has instructions that have been used successfully to install SpellBound on Linux operating systems numerous times... the only exceptions being when the permissions for Firefox were not configured correctly in the first place and the best place to ask for help to resolve these types of issues is the MozillaZine Forums. I will gladly add a link to instructions on how to resolve permissions issues on Linux with Firefox if someone provides me with one since I have not been unable to find one myself.

A lot of great work has been put into the new Extension Manager and it appears to have stabilized as of the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release (e.g. Internal Version 0.10.0). If you are using a version of Firefox that has the new Extension Manager and it was released prior to the 1.0 Preview Release there are a couple of issues with the Extension Manager that may be the source of the problem and I highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest release available from http://www.mozilla.org/.

Open SpellBound Bugs (closed bugs can be found below and in the Release Notes)

Closed SpellBound Bugs

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