Firefox has gone through quite a few changes over the years and I expect that this trend will continue. Below are some of the caveats that relate to the different Firefox versions. The only known issue specific to SpellBound and the Mozilla Suite is explained on the Installation page in that SpellBound uses the same spell checking engine that is provided with the Mozilla Suite and you may have to install the "Spellchecker" component depending on how you initially installed the Mozilla Suite.

Firefox All Versions

If you uninstall and then reinstall Firefox you will also need to reinstall any dictionaries you have previously installed. The easiest way to do this is to copy the myspell directory which is located in the original application's components directory (e.g. where you originally installed Firefox) into the new application's components directory. If you are unsure of the location you may also reinstall the dictionaries from site's Installation page or the Mozilla Foundation's Dictionaries for Mozilla Thunderbird page. Besides that there are just the issues that all extensions have along with the spell check engine issues which can be found in Bugzilla as well as the items discussed on the FAQ and Bugs pages.

Firefox 1.0.x

There are no known issues with SpellBound specific to these versions of Firefox except those related to all releases as stated above.

Deer Park Alpha 2

FreeBSD and OS/2 builds are not supported. There was a Mozilla API change after this release and you will need to update the libraries the next time you upgrade.

Firefox Trunk

FreeBSD builds are not supported. There was a Mozilla API change after the Deer Park Alpha 2 release and you will need to update the libraries if you ever choose to downgrade.

Firefox 0.9x and 0.10x (e.g. 0.10 is the same as the 1.0 Preview Release)

Prior to the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release there were several issues with Firefox and I highly recommend upgrading to the latest release of Firefox (e.g. 1.0).

Firefox 0.8x

For numerous reasons Firefox 0.8.x and previous versions of Firefox are not supported.
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