I would like to keep SpellBound as a spellchecker without adding too many features. This makes it much simpler for localization to other languages along with many other things I have to do to support it properly. Having said that, if I believe that the feature should be added to SpellBound chances are that I will. If the request is to change existing functionality as it exists today in either the Mozilla Suite or Thunderbird then I will more than likely not change it. In the vast majority of cases it is more appropriate to request the change to the existing functionalty of the Mozilla Suite or Thunderbird and after it is implemented I will implement this change in SpellBound. This way the functionality is consistent between all of these even if the functionality is not what you perceive to be the most optimal. It is important to note that other extensions can easily take advantage of SpellBound so it is more than likely possible to add the feature you would like to a different extension and then use SpellBound with that extension for spell checking.

I try to respond to submitted feature requests but often I am unable to do so... please don't take it personally if you fall into this latter category. Very few requests don't make it onto the feature request list but it may take me some time before I update this page with your request. Also, if you think your feature request is simple all I can say is chances are it isn't or it would have been implemented already. If you know it is simple then please provide the code to add this functionality along with your request. When a feature request is implemented it will be moved over to the Release Notes page.

Current Feature Requests

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