This page provides an area for testing the current functionality of SpellBound and is a live example of how to integrate SpellBound in a web page alongside ieSpell. If you are using a browser based on Mozilla you will see a SpellBound Status box in the upper right corner. This box provides information for the current state of SpellBound (e.g. does it need to be installed or upgraded, is a spell check active, was the last spell check canceled, etc.) to demonstrate what information can be provided programmatically when integrating SpellBound into a site. For information on how to launch a spell check please refer to the How do I use it? section on the FAQ page.
INPUT and TEXTAREA elements that have a readonly, disabled, or ieSpell_ignored attribute are not spell checked.

Other elements that should not be spell checked such as password input elements are not spell checked.

INPUT and TEXTAREA elements are spell checked and you may also select the text prior to spell checking in either of these elements to spell check just the selected text. Spell checking of just the selected text in any other elements is not supported. Also, when SpellBound is launched from a web page element (e.g. button, etc.) checking just the selected text is not supported. If you would like to provide selection text checking from a web page element you can reselect the text prior to launching SpellBound in your JavaScript event handler for launching SpellBound.

An element can be added to a web page to launch a spell check on a specific element or the entire web page.
Checks the spelling of only the textarea above this button.
Checks the spelling of all elements that can be spell checked on this web page.

Documents with designMode="on" (e.g. the following two editable IFRAME elements) are spell checked.

Checks the spelling of the iframe that has designMode="on" above.


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